Monday, December 28, 2009

Second Christmas

Yesterday we celebrated Second Christmas over at Ruth and Stacy's with their dogs as well as the welcome addition of John and his dog Kaya. Second Christmas runs pretty much along the lines of First Christmas. We snow shoe with the dogs for a bit which we then use to justify the hours of over eating and imbibing to follow.

I know, what a hard to look at view - living out here is rough...

Boy dogs.

Flying dogs.

Tall and small dogs.

Covered in snow dogs.

Enjoying the view dogs.

Whole lot of happiness and joy dogs.


D.K. Wall said...

Woo - it does look beautiful. And any food after playing with dogs contains no calories. We looked it up. Really.

Emma Rose said...

Beautiful! We noticed some of the dogs are wearing boots. We rarely get snow so we don't know about boots. Do all the dogs wear them to protect their paws from the cold?

An English Shepherd said...

It looks lovely, raining hear at the moment :-(


Lisa said...

Our dogs don't wear boots. Ruth and Stacy's dogs do. They find that the Spinones pick up iceballs very quickly. Our guys do depending on the conditions if we're out for quite a while but they're very good at pulling them out. Given that we're not doing 40-60 miles I don't really worry about it and the dogs have never complained at the end of run and are all more than happy to head out. :-)

Ruth said...

Perhaps if the Spinone feet were not the size of snow shoes, boots would not be required! Things I just did not consider while falling in love with the breed. Paws perfectly suited for not sinking in marshy terrain retrieving birds are also perfectly suited to pack in a baseball sized ice chunk within the first five minutes of a snowy walk.
Love the Lucy flying photo!

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