Friday, August 17, 2012

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones

Macklin, like many small towns in western Canada is famous for its "big thing". After all, when you're small you need to find something big to hang on to...

Macklin's "Big Thing"? 

Why, the world's largest Bunnock Bone of course!

What is Bunnock you ask? Why it is a game played with (horse lovers, avert your eyes NOW please) 52 horse ankle bones. Developed in the 1800's by some very bored members of the Russian military who found it difficult to pound rods into the tundra to play horse shoes,  it was introduced into Canada by Russian German immigrants. 

Nowadays, you can find reproduction bunnock sets made out of plastic, but personally if I'm going to throw bones, I want to throw the real ones (I love horses, but I'm a practical person too. I love the historical aspect of the real bones, and frankly they just "feel" better and sound WAY better when they hit each other). 

The town of Macklin hosts the World Bunnock Championship. They limit (and there is a waiting list) the entries to 320 teams. 

The game involves throwing bones at a your opposing team's line of bones.  As with most good throwing games, beer is generally involved (and if you go to the World Championship, add deep fried food of course)

Here Travis, a Macklin native, shows good form.

After a few years of whining "we never get to practice" as our main excuse for a. losing b. not entering the World Championship and c. LOSING, Travis's parents were kind enough to not only gift us with a set of bones, but a set of REAL bones. 

We knew we were getting them at Christmas, but given the waiting list for a real set of bones, we just got them now, which is perfect given that now is Bunnock  (and beer) season!

Of course we had to play. 

There was carnage.

Mostly mine...

Due to Travis's good arm. Don't worry honey - I'll practice (which is sweet talk for "I"m gunning for you").

Want to learn more about Bunnock? First prize at the World Championship is $10, want to learn more?? Click HERE

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunday, August 5, 2012

There's a Fly in my kitchen...

and she's adorable. 

I think she should stay.