Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lambing is done!

FLK 354T with her triplets, plus a bit of extended family - taken a few days ago before we got yet another 6 inches of snow, in what may be the longest winter...ever.

As of about 10:30 PM last night, lambing is finished. Many thanks to the last two girls who chose to lamb at the same time and leave me with a celebratory full night's sleep! 

This year we started very cold (lows of -27) and finished with more cold and snow and wind.  I added a couple more "never want to see that again" happenings to my list of "sheep experience", but was also amazed at how hardy these animals really are. A good mom sure can take great care of her family.

It's early days, but so far I'm really pleased with both of the new rams I purchased last year. I'm looking forward to watching their offspring grow up this summer. Thanks Janice and Holly.

Now comes the fun part - lazy afternoons and evening lamb races!