Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Full Bellies

I was going to put cute pictures of Sam up today, but he annoyed me. All you guardian dog owners out there will understand how that can happen...I'm sure by tomorrow I'll have forgiven him - again - and his pictures will go up, but in the mean time I realized today that I really hadn't talked about the sheep at all this winter. 

We're about 4 weeks out from lambing, and the girls are all definitely filling out. It's like the count down to "sheep Christmas" for me. Hard to believe that two years ago I was waiting on 4 pregnant ewes and this year I'm waiting on 14. My little hobby flock is growing. The sheep started out as just something I needed to own to train my dogs, but now are as much a part of my lifestyle as the dogs themselves. I can't imagine the place without them. Whodathunk? 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tough enough to wear pink

This has certainly been an odd winter, weather wise. It's February, and there still isn't too much snow on the ground to work dogs. Weird.  However, we've also had a fair amount of rain and freezing rain (crazy) which has left our property looking and sounding like a huge dish of creme brulee. 
So while the weather is gorgeous, the ground is hard on the dogs feet.  Especially Ben's. 

"Can't help myself. Must go out and abuse feet..."

He's a keener, and never complains - but it's been pretty obvious that his feet are a mess. 

So, I've been using Mountain Ridge's "Web Med", which my neighbour the Musher put me onto a few years ago. 

The stuff work's great, but boy is it PINK! Ben's got the hairiest toes too, so it's a lot of PINK.

"Whatever, let's go move some sheep, and then go for a run, and then do chores, and then and then and then"

"Hey, you with the camera. Quit staring at my feet - the gate's over here."

Thursday, February 2, 2012

If the Sweater(?) fits?

Travis found Flint literally "wearing" his sweater... Travis then ran and got him his slippers. A sweater I might point out, that may, or may not have been left on the on the bedroom floor. The interested parties have pleaded The Fifth, which is extra funny because we live in Canada...I'm pretty sure The Fifth doesn't apply here. Anyone want to tell me what we're supposed to plead in this country?

At any rate, if the pup is wearing the sweater, do you think there's a good chance that the pup stole the sweater?  At least I can brag that my baby can dress himself!