Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Full Bellies

I was going to put cute pictures of Sam up today, but he annoyed me. All you guardian dog owners out there will understand how that can happen...I'm sure by tomorrow I'll have forgiven him - again - and his pictures will go up, but in the mean time I realized today that I really hadn't talked about the sheep at all this winter. 

We're about 4 weeks out from lambing, and the girls are all definitely filling out. It's like the count down to "sheep Christmas" for me. Hard to believe that two years ago I was waiting on 4 pregnant ewes and this year I'm waiting on 14. My little hobby flock is growing. The sheep started out as just something I needed to own to train my dogs, but now are as much a part of my lifestyle as the dogs themselves. I can't imagine the place without them. Whodathunk? 


prairiesoul said...

Fourteen is a good number to look forward to lambing.....not 300. The Whodothunk? would have turned to WHATTHEF...?

Lisa said...

No Kidding!! Travis is quite happy that with only 25 acres there's no danger of that ever happening here. ;-)