Friday, May 29, 2009

As Usual...

I'm away at a trial with the best of intentions...and I forgot the memory card 'sfor my camera in my laptop...which is back at Louannes.

So, for updates this weekend, check out Louanne's blog at Phantomridge.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Excitement at the OK Corral

If you'll remember, I had asked Ms. 508 to indulge me and have a calf the other night. She still hasn't but tonight Ms. Lowline decided to stand in for her. We found her with this.

This whole "having a calf thing" was fairly new to her so she needed a bit of assistance figuring things out.

So Kyle and Louanne stepped in to help them settle in together.

The calf went on a magic carpet ride to the maternity ward.

Spitz (sunflower seeds) seemed to be an important part of the process.

I got the lucky job of choosing the new calf's name. Everyone's name this year starts with B so... BOB's your Lowline!

And now for your entertainment

The other day I gave Craig a very expensive, highly specialized dog toy. His prize?

A broccoli stem

Which is a cunning opponent.




Conquering produce is exhausting work

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I believe that Hope feels like he's gone to Doggy Disney Land, or as Louanne loves to call it - Dogapalooza.

Let's do a quick run down of what he's been up to down at Louanne's.

This past weekend we sorted sheep for two days for a herding instinct test and an all breed fun trial. Two full days of practical work. Sorry, no pictures. As usual I didn't think of the camera till it was all over - but I can say that there was a great turn out, the weather was good, and fun was had by all.

Monday we went out to Randy's and spent the afternoon with him, Abe, and Penny working dogs in a nice big field near his place.

Penny and Duncan waiting while Randy sets sheep.

Of course he's gotten lots of training back at Louanne's place as well.

AND he's hung out with Isla - the center of his universe.

They've gone swimming together.

They've gone to check cows together. If Hope had his way they'd do EVERYTHING together.

I tried to explain to Ms. 508 that it would be great "blog material" if she actually had a calf while we were out checking, but unfortunately she seems to be running on her own schedule.

And the fun's not over. We'll spend a couple of more days here and then we'll all head to BC to the Paxton Valley trial.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Mike

Remember this shot? I posted it about half an hour ago, so if you can't...two words...Ginko Biloba.

It seems that Mike's obsession with eye poking sticks started early.

Meet Mike

Mike is Bruce's sister. That's right, sister. With a confused name like that you just know that her mother dresses her funny too. Poor thing.

Incredibly, no eyes were lost.

Mike is a city dog.

They don't make sticks like this in the city. No Sirrree!

Mike loves her brother.

Given all the teeth in these blurry shots (neither Mike nor Bruce are real big on "hold still"), I'm not sure what she sees him...but at lets face it, at the end of the day, family sticks together.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's tradition

Just when we start getting used to the idea that summer's on it's way...we get one last snow storm.

Exhibit A.

This picture, like all of my "snow storm" pictures, was taken from my deck. That's about as far outside as I want to go today. I thought about putting off blogging to see "how bad it could get", but really - this is bad enough. As of this moment there's about 6 inches of fresh white stuff on the barbecue and it's still snowing. Enough said about that.

My good friend Tammy is up with Mike, who happens to be Bruce's sister. We had grand plans of campfires, herding, agility, walks in the it's looking more like PJ's, movies, junk food and Wii.

Tammy leaves Thursday. The forecast for Thursday - sunny and warm.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Squatter's Rights

We've been waiting impatiently for an opportunity to take the new trailer out. The May long weekend is a very "traditional" camping weekend, but the thought of going to a campground with every other Albertan when we have great trails, a fire pit, and no nearby neighbours, just wasn't that appealing. So...we filled the trailer up with water, packed up essentials... and picked a nice spot in the yard to park. Really it was the best of both worlds - away from the hustle bustle (no tv, no phone, no laptop) but close to home (literally!) if we needed anything.

Here's a rare shot...

A picture of me! Here I am preparing to kick Travis's butt at Backgammon AGAIN...

The boys quickly settled in to "camp life"

" We LOVE roughing it!"

In case you're wondering where Kate is, she decided to come into season a couple of weeks ago so she spent the weekend in purgatory (her run) rather than cooped up in a wee trailer with two very eager boys.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spring cleaning

It's that time of year. Time to tidy up the yard and get things ready for summer. Summer's pretty short around here so let's face it, we like to make the most of it - there's no point in wasting time.

Now that we have sheep our "yard" has grown considerably. Yesterday we were able to borrow Eve and Bud's tractor ( I don't even like to think about life before Eve and Bud's tractor) to essentially clean up after the sheep.

This is a bit of the mess - essentially it's a dinner plate (left over from a round bale) that needs to be scraped.

As always, there's a huge grin on Travis' face whenever work involves the use of a tractor. It's definitely a guy thing.

I wonder how long it will Take Travis to figure out that while I'm taking pictures for my blog I'm...not...actually....working.

As you can see, the sheep found all of this very stressful. So stressful that they had to come over and hang around/supervise.

Travis was in charge of the tractor. I was in charge of another very sophisticated, highly technical piece of equipment - the pitchfork. Please note that unlike the last blog my truck was featured in (with the trailer) it is very spiffy and clean in this shot...except for the huge pile of crap in the back.

Bruce had to help out.

by bringin IN as much spring as he could possibly jam on to his hairy body.

This blog's not really finished. I need to go out and get a shot of what I've privately (I guess it's not so private) dubbed the Poop Pyramid of Meanook. It's quite impressive in a "oh my god sheep are wasters!!" kind of way.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's a dry spring.

A dry spring with high winds is a bad combination. There are all kinds of fires burning in the province right now.

This afternoon the smoke started rolling in.

There should be hills back there.

The fires are no where near our place but needless to say we're hoping for rain.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pictures from the trial

...or not.

I had the best of intentions, really I did. However, when I finally remembered to drag my camera out on Sunday to take some shots of the double lift I quickly realized that while I had remembered to bring my camera, I had forgotten to take its memory card out of my laptop.
So...I'll try harder next time.

As for the trial, the weather was great and it was wonderful seeing everyone and their dogs again after a long winter. Hope and I took first overall in Intermediate and we held our own in Pro Novice. We started a bit on the pushy side at first but by the last run we'd settled into our groove and I was pleased as punch with him. Louanne has some pretty big brags of her own so check out her blog. I'd say this weekend was a great start to a good trial season. Next up Paxton Valley at the end of the month.