Monday, May 18, 2009

Squatter's Rights

We've been waiting impatiently for an opportunity to take the new trailer out. The May long weekend is a very "traditional" camping weekend, but the thought of going to a campground with every other Albertan when we have great trails, a fire pit, and no nearby neighbours, just wasn't that appealing. So...we filled the trailer up with water, packed up essentials... and picked a nice spot in the yard to park. Really it was the best of both worlds - away from the hustle bustle (no tv, no phone, no laptop) but close to home (literally!) if we needed anything.

Here's a rare shot...

A picture of me! Here I am preparing to kick Travis's butt at Backgammon AGAIN...

The boys quickly settled in to "camp life"

" We LOVE roughing it!"

In case you're wondering where Kate is, she decided to come into season a couple of weeks ago so she spent the weekend in purgatory (her run) rather than cooped up in a wee trailer with two very eager boys.

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