Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I believe that Hope feels like he's gone to Doggy Disney Land, or as Louanne loves to call it - Dogapalooza.

Let's do a quick run down of what he's been up to down at Louanne's.

This past weekend we sorted sheep for two days for a herding instinct test and an all breed fun trial. Two full days of practical work. Sorry, no pictures. As usual I didn't think of the camera till it was all over - but I can say that there was a great turn out, the weather was good, and fun was had by all.

Monday we went out to Randy's and spent the afternoon with him, Abe, and Penny working dogs in a nice big field near his place.

Penny and Duncan waiting while Randy sets sheep.

Of course he's gotten lots of training back at Louanne's place as well.

AND he's hung out with Isla - the center of his universe.

They've gone swimming together.

They've gone to check cows together. If Hope had his way they'd do EVERYTHING together.

I tried to explain to Ms. 508 that it would be great "blog material" if she actually had a calf while we were out checking, but unfortunately she seems to be running on her own schedule.

And the fun's not over. We'll spend a couple of more days here and then we'll all head to BC to the Paxton Valley trial.

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An English Shepherd said...

Really nice picture of them both together.

Wizz :-)