Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's tradition

Just when we start getting used to the idea that summer's on it's way...we get one last snow storm.

Exhibit A.

This picture, like all of my "snow storm" pictures, was taken from my deck. That's about as far outside as I want to go today. I thought about putting off blogging to see "how bad it could get", but really - this is bad enough. As of this moment there's about 6 inches of fresh white stuff on the barbecue and it's still snowing. Enough said about that.

My good friend Tammy is up with Mike, who happens to be Bruce's sister. We had grand plans of campfires, herding, agility, walks in the woods...now it's looking more like PJ's, movies, junk food and Wii.

Tammy leaves Thursday. The forecast for Thursday - sunny and warm.


Jenny Glen said...

Gosh. That's too bad. I'm in NY state right now and they are predicting 85F. Got a new pair of sunglasses.

An English Shepherd said...

Great snow pics, probably not so nice to be in it !

Wizz :-)

Kara said...

is this your late April Fools Joke?
Sad Very sad it's May already!!!