Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I have no control over what I blog about.

What I intended to blog about - I won't discuss because I still expect to blog about that in our near future. When you're working with subjects with brains that function on most likely ( I say most likely because I'd hate to ever admit more...) the same level as your own and you don't all speak the same language (as in, they sure have picked up a whole lot of English but I can't say that I'm fluent in Dog yet) you can't always guarantee that everyone is on the same "blog" page.

So, we went from "that" blog to the "new camera" blog. I got a new camera. It is the same as my old camera. God rest her soul. While our relationship was short (2 years), it was full, but her life was not easy and apparently a point and shoot can only be hauled around in a pocket through oh so many days of minus 40, pockets full of snow, pockets full of hay, pockets full of dirt, pockets full of dirt, pockets full of dirt, pockets full of you're starting to get the idea, did I mention pockets full of dirt and days of minus 40...a moment of silence dear bloggers and bloggees for the cameras who bring those pictures to our screens...

Today I hauled around the new camera in the same pocket, warmed with my notcurrentlyneededgloves - never the two cameras shall meet lest they share stories...

This blog was going to be about shots like this

Little Hopey (godilovethatdog). Usually the pictures of him are suitable for SPCA ads, but now given that the new camera has 10x optical zoom instead of 6 I'm able to leave him more comfortable while I take pictures.

or shots like this
nothing particularaly special. Just the three dogs stopped, in focus and pointed in the same direction.

But no. Bruce hijacked the blog with this.

in case you don't get the "feel" of this shot

here's some more.

Brucie shaking the heck out of something living, once living, hopefully never living...who knows, possibly just shaking the heck out of himself because it feels good.

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An English Shepherd said...

Looks like a good shake :-)