Saturday, December 5, 2009

The reason for my technical difficulties

are not related to my previous blog of last week. The sheep porn did not burn my laptop's little circuits. The google police have not shut me down. The RCMP have not knocked on my door...yet.

No, my technical difficulties are related to recent "upgrades" made to my laptop - affectionately known as Daisy (I used to have a PDA named Hal - you know from 2010 A Space Odyssey. Hal sings " A Bicycle Built For Two" while he's being shut down/killed. I know HOW GEEKY of me ).

Anyway, my Tech Support (read Travis) decided that I needed Windows 7. Windows 7 is leaner, meaner, and faster....unless your laptop is older than dirt. Daisy is. Microsoft can't believe that anyone would keep a laptop longer than two years. Daisy is almost 5.

So far the other geek in the house has managed to fix all the little "hmm, didn't know that that would be a problem" problems that came with the upgrade. Apparently he has also figured out the "your laptop doesn't seem to know that it has an SD slot problem too. We'll see when I blog next.


An English Shepherd said...

We has Windows XP on a very, very old PC, whatever that is...

Wizz :-)

D.K. Wall said...


I still use a Windows laptop for work, but finally converted to Mac a couple of years ago and will never go back. So much more reliable.

Ruth said...

Maybe it's time for a Mac? :)
Stacy's Mac at the studio is now 14 years old...

Unknown said...

We have XP on the old (and bought as reconditioned) laptop! The hard disk it very small, but we are satisfied with it - it doesn't seize up anyway!
Very Satisfied with it!!

(What happened to "")

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