Saturday, July 4, 2009

A whole pile of "firsts"

In the past week I've run in my first Open trial, got my first DQ (disqualification - Hope gripped on a shed which was badly set up by me), and my first RT (retired - after I had Hope take the sheep into the trailer parking lot instead of around the course - that was also a first). Both of which lead to Thank Yous from the judge. It feels good to get those firsts out of the way so to speak...
Incredibly today we got our first pro novice cheque for fourth place out of a field of about 40 competitors. Neither the sheep or the weather was terribly cooperative and we were one of the few lucky ones to make it around the course.
Tomorrow Hope and I are off to run in the Calgary Stampede for the first time - yee haw!

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Karen Ramstead said...

Yeah, right. I can imagine how thrilled you are about those firsts!!! Since you are so 'non competitive' and all.

Good luck at the Stampede!!