Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Calgary Stampede

Calgary Stampede may be the "crack cocaine" of the stock dog trial world. The high is amazing, it's over before you know it, and as soon as it's done you want some more. Hope and I had a blast, learned lots, and definitely plan to head back next year.

Stampede is an arena course with a $10,000 payout to first place so needless to say it attracts folks from all over. The dogs move three sheep around a series of barrels, through a chute and then into a pen with a time limit of 4 minutes.

And he's off.

Convincing the sheep that they really do want to weave in and around the barrels.

At the pen, where Lisa lost her marbles because she didn't think she'd actually make it that far through the course.

Huge congratulations to Pam Boring and her dog Mirk from Pink Mountain British Columbia for taking home the big cheque.

Well done Pam!!

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