Friday, July 24, 2009

Snowed in...

sort of.

It's the end of July, we're in Brooks for the One Tree Trial, the sun is shining...and we're trapped in the trailer, Why?

Mosquito: Anopheles — Greek meaning hurtful or prejudicial

We're surrounded. If they don't suck us dry they'll drive us crazy. They're biting us through our jeans. No amount of Deet seems to stop them. We're sucking them up our noses and swallowing them. I hear a high protein/low carb diet is good for you so I guess that is the "silver lining". So instead of sitting outside, watching the nursery dogs run, and hanging out with friends, instead we're trapped in the trailer watching old movies. I can't remember the last time I've seen mosquitoes this bad. It's awful. Louanne will blog about the other miserable thing about this weekend.

Yep. I left home, drove for hours, and actually PAID to do this...not sure if you should question my intelligence or my insanity.

Btw, as usual feel free to check Louanne's blog while I'm on the road because she's blogging about our trip as well.

We're trapped in a small space with seven dogs. Good thing we like each other. :-)

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Karen Ramstead said...

Yet another plus to MY choosen dog sport - no mosquitos.

Poor dear....