Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kate update

Yesterday I realized that I haven't blogged about Kate in ages. There have been blogs about trialing, blogs about out houses, blogs about poop scoops (it's time to get out of THAT rut), blogs about Bruce, but nothing really about Kate in ages.

Kate likes to fly under the radar.

I am stealthy.

Kate turned a year old in April. I've been slowly working with her this summer in between trials and trips with Hope.

Things have been coming along really nicely with her.

She reads her sheep well, tries very hard to be right and picks things up quickly.

As a matter of fact, things have been coming along so easily, that I started to worry a bit about the other shoe dropping. Maybe she was so happy to gather and fetch that she'd be difficult to start driving?

Last week I decided to see what she thought of the idea.

she took to it like a duck to water.

Here's to ducks!

OK - what about inside flanks? In typical Kate fasion - no problem.

We're a long way off from the finished product, but it sure is fun getting there with her.

Away from sheep, she's her usual adorable, easy (once again) to live with self.

I am sweet AND smart.

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An English Shepherd said...

She sounds just like my Auntie Breeze.

Wizz :-)