Thursday, July 30, 2009

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day

Show a man how to fish...

and he clears out your saskatoon patch!

Kate and Bruce are all over the saskatoons. They watched me pick for about 5 minutes, ate the berries I may have offered them (I'll never admit to actually giving them berries, not now that I've created these monsters), picked up a couple off the ground that I dropped ( professional berry pickers - please do not judge me), and then quickly went into business for themselves.

Hope? Not so much.

Dogs are carnivores - veggies, fruit, berries... those things kill.


Kara said...

Welcome to my world! nothing in my garden is safe my two are profextional pickers I could hire them out but they pick and eat : )

prairiesoul said...

This may be a border collie thing as our Zoe likes to eat them also. Good thing Gabe dosn't like them, cause there would go the whole bush.

bevsommer said...

I was picking Saskatoon berries the other day. Lexi and Nic were at my feet eating every berry I dropped. Pro berry picker I am not. Got 16 cups though!