Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bruce learns a new skill

Travis noticed that Bruce had quite a large bump on his left hind hip last night. He had just been vaccinated for rabies three weeks ago and a quick call to the clinic confirmed that he was indeed vaccinated on his rear left leg and that it should be looked at. So, needless to say we decided to take him in. Now, it's only been three weeks since we lost Mateo, and two weeks since Tell left.
A quick google of "lump after rabies vaccine" (ignorance IS bliss), can lead to thoughts of "holy crap", especially when you're a bit fragile. We were.
Bruce was his usual adorable self all the way to the city. Actually, looking back, I'd say he was beyond adorable, which lead to a trip to Petsmart AND G&E pharmacy. What can I say, we had time to kill, we felt bad for the poor dog, and we were weak.
The vet appointment? Well he wasn't dying of vaccinosis, it wasn't a tumor, and no limbs would be lost. Bruce has an abcess. Our best guess - Antonio or Buster poked him in the butt. Not an uncommon occurance as the cats take great pleasure in ambushing the dogs. The dogs which aren't allowed to chase cats of course.
What did Bruce learn today? How to milk the system. Look at his Haul! A cool ball that Louanne's dog Kipp is quite fond of, a fancy big Nylabone, and two beefchews. He hit the jackpot. Next he'll be figuring out some sort of payment scheme with the cats so that they can all profit next time.

Hey, I COULD have been dying...and my back end is a bit sore...oh, and thanks!

Thanks for taking one for the team Bruce!


lori-ann said...

doh! It's never good when the dogs catch up to the owners in smarts (not that I'll ever know about that. . . ).
I'm glad it all worked out okay!

WalkOn Border Collies said...

My dogs love that stretchy ball toy - it is the only one that my ACD, Wyatt cannot destroy. I put another smaller ball, like a tennis ball or something similar inside the stretchy one and they really go for it! Glad to hear Bruce is ok.