Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A boy and his toy

That red ball thing that we got the boys a couple of weeks ago? It's a huge hit. Bruce has even taken to sleeping with it.

Pretty comfy looking...

Back on the "working the dogs front", there's not much happening around here. I went to the arena on Sunday as usual. Hope was his usual perfect self. This week I decided to bring Bruce along for kicks. I was prepared for chaos. I was prepared to run like the dickens.

Why are there no pictures you might ask? Well because Bruce showed absolutely no interest whatsoever in chasing sheep. Nothing. Zip. Nadda. Apparently Bruce would have much rather stayed home with Travis playing computer games and eating Cheezies. His opinion of herding has been duly noted. ;-)

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Jenny Glen said...

At least he has his looks to fall back on!