Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The difference a year can make

Bruce - September 2007

Bruce September 2008

Bruce has definitely changed a whole lot!

Mateo September 2007

Mateo September 2008

Mateo has hardly changed at all.

Of course there were a couple of other changes this past year...

The two black and white additions

Tell and Hope both seem to believe they were abused by a professional photographer in a past life. New trick to work on - make love to the camera boys!


lori-ann said...

awww, Bruce is all grown up! And Mateo. . .uh, Mateo is all grown up too. . . .
You didn't say you were in STURGIS!! Too funny. Did I tell you that my dad goes to the "other" Sturgis? Yes, I've seen pictures. . . .

Kicks said...

Bruce is one stunning boy!