Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More from Sturgis

I had intended to take pictures of Sturgis itself. Somehow though, once the trial got started I sort of forgot. Anyway, Sturgis is well known for bikers, rather than sheepdogs. The town is loaded with huge and not so huge biker bars. I tried looking for a few pictures of the town online to "steal" for my blog but mostly I found plenty of pictures of men clad in leather and lots of women clad in... a lot less. ;-) So, I'll just say that it's a neat little town and I was pleasantly surprised (after some of the terrain we drove through) with how pretty the area was.
By now you've probably read Louanne's blog about our trip so I won't go into any great detail but I will share some photos from the trial field.

The setters for the finals were incredible. Even if the sheep gave them some trouble they always managed to get them settled before the dog got out to them. The sheep could be very challenging and I now have a much better understanding of what a "range ewe" is.

They look innocent enough

Joanne Zoerb and Mik in the shedding ring

No trip to South Dakota is complete without a trip to Mount Rushmore

The trip home was quick...or long...depending on how you look at it. In typical Canadian traveler fashion it was a two day drive out to Sturgis - but only a one day drive to get home. Kudos to Louanne for the great driving both ways. I was the official navigator, but we also had two GPS's in the truck I liked to think of myself more as "colour commentary".

Next year's finals are in Klamath Falls, Oregon - see you there!

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