Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blogs from the road...sort of

You've probably noticed that Louanne and I never did post any blogs while down in Sturgis. No, it was not laziness on our part, or the fact that we were having so much fun it never occured to us to spend time on the laptop. We learned that one should not assume that they can connect to the internet anywhere. So, let's just pretend that we're still on the road...

After spending the night in Hardin at the KOA (which brought back memories of childhood treks across Canada and the US) we headed up the road to Little Big Horn for a little dose of history.

Ranger Rick was more than happy to let us in

Custer's grave site

A bit of the battle field


Indian Memorial

Louanne the fashionista

There is also a military cemetary on site. I hear that Jenny has a thing for cemetaries, so here are some pictures just for her. We noticed that there were people from all over buried in this cemetary. I'n not sure what the rules are regarding who can/can't be buried in a military cemetary - maybe someone who is reading this blog can fill me in?

After getting the gist of things (Custer thought he'd win - Sitting Bull proved him wrong), we headed back on to the highway and headed for Sturgis.

We drove through Wyoming...

Wyoming looked like this for HOURS...

A shot for Kyle - a whole pile of compressors

More of Wyoming.We like to call Wyoming the "are we there yet state?" of our trip...

The great wall of Wyoming. It looks like things can get quite nasty in the winter, given the giant snow fences that went on for miles, as well as the chain up and highway open/closed signs all over the place.


That's it for today. After two days of driving we arrived in Sturgis.

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