Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You know you're a real Albertan when...

You get yourself a buckle!

Apparently I need a belt?

It has been a great summer of trialling. The boys and I have been to trials 4 out of the past 6 weeks. Travis has mentioned that I'm a shift worker 4 days on (trial)/ 3 days off (home).

So here's the recap for the summer:

Last Chance: I entered Novice only as it was my first trial. Hope won the Novice class.

Buffalo: I entered the boys in Novice and Intermediate. Both dogs placed or won individual runs and Tell was the overall Intermediate winner.

EID: We moved up to Intermediate and Pro Novice. I was very happy with the way the dogs ran, and learned a few more things about handling. The boys finished up in the middle of the pack. Tell won the Nursery class two out of the three days and qualified for next year's USBCHA finals.

Alberta Finals: Tell won the Novice Finals.

ASDA Field Finals winners
Corey Perry (intermediate), George Stambulic (Pro Novice), Me (Novice), Milt Scott (Open 3rd), Ian Zoerb (Open 1st & 4th), Joanne Zoerb (Open 2nd), Louanne Twa (Nursery), and Judge Shawn Wells.

Enough bragging, but to say that I exceeding my expectations this summer would be a huge understatement. A huge thanks to Louanne Twa, Scott and Jenny Glen, and everyone else at the trials this summer for being so helpful - it takes a village to raise a handler. ;-)

This coming weekend Louanne and I heading down to Sturgis, South Dakota to watch the USBCHA finals. I'm really looking forward to watching some of North America's top handlers run their dogs.

Tell takes them around the post.

Finally, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Scott Glen and Pleat for winning the Soldier Hollow Classic! Pleat is the only dog to win all four of the big US trials - USBCHA Finals, Meeker, The Blue Grass, and Soldier Hollow.

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