Thursday, April 2, 2009

If you can't beat em...join em

It's April.

The snow is still over the top of my boots. My boots are knee high.

When life gives you lemons - make lemonade!

My lemonade? A trip over to Karen's of course!

If the snow is my lemon then this must be the sugar!

I LOVE lemonade...

Today I graduated to 5 dogs - count em 5. We also went out longer and on a much more technical trail. We "found" deer and a moose. I felt like I graduated out of Kindergarten and I loved it.

Check out the sign. I know that Karen and Mark have put these up - but there's something about being in the middle of nowhere with a team of dogs and then seeing a sign (just like a city park). Yep, this is definitely a dogsled trail.

Thanks again guys!

Of course I'm loving this - which means the snow will probably melt in short order. I figure it's a win win situation for me. If the snow sticks around...well you know where I'll be. If the snow actually melts...well you know where I'll be.


Katerina said...

Loved this post! I generally enjoy your posts a lot - quite a sense of humor. Thanks.

Katerina (the Czech that came over with her boyfriend and Karen, for a cup of coffee last year)

D.K. Wall said...

We are so jealous that you can just pop over to Karen's and run dogs!

Lisa said...

Hey Katerina - nice to bump into you!

BADASmusher said...

Great post! I love Lemonade too!!!
When the snow melts we get out the carts. Then when it gets warm we get out the dogs backpacks!

Jenny Glen said...

BIATCH! It's not fair!