Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Better them than me.

We have a pond just to the east of our property which, while not ours, is much loved by and cared for by us.

I love to look at the pond, and to listen to the frogs. The frogs which haven't woken up yet, because the pond is still fairly frozen.

The dogs love to play in the pond.

The still mostly frozen pond.

You know, technically they are, once again...walking on water.

I love this sweet picture. It's Kate trying to push Bruce under while Hope looks on approvingly. Sibling love.

All the pale green stuff? That's ice under the water. Just the thought of setting foot in that water is enough to give me goose bumps, but honestly, THEY like it! Odd creatures, dogs.

Classic Bruce post swim. Gotta love the one crazy eye.

Bruce continues (it would probably go on for days if I let him). Notice that while the Border Collies are soaking wet themselves, neither of them seem to like getting sprayed by a shaking dog... I share their sentiment.



Emma Rose said...

Beautiful dogs. And they do indeed look very happy!

manymuddypaws said...

i was cold looking at the photos! good thing they all have lots of hair- bruce especially!