Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A special blog for my friends to the south

Please. Show me some sympathy. Do not say "hey, do you want to work dogs this afternoon?" to each other while I'm within earshot. It hurts.


Because I'm bitter with jealousy. That's why.

Look at these photos and you'll probably understand.

The picture looks benign enough. There are sheep in a field, so why am I whining? Look at those sheep. They're all lined up and confused about which way to go. They don't know what to do, because right now they're on their happy little sheep path. This is what happens if you go off the path today...

You wish you were about a foot taller. You wish your owner hadn't called you off the driveway. You wish you weren't an obedient dog. You wish you called the shots.

But you are an obedient dog, and you don't call the shots so you gamely throw yourself through the deep snow, over and over again until your cruel, heartless owner is satisfied that she has evidence of HER plight.

Poor, tortured creatures.

So, dear friends to the south, take pity on those of us to the north. Maybe down play your ability to work your dogs in January. Maybe don't even mention the possibility that it might be "shorts" weather this weekend. Sniff. Whine.

OK - I'm done with the pity party now, but holy dinah - we've got A LOT of snow!


Anonymous said...

I throw a challenge your way. Since your neighbor is gone. Go "borrow" a Siberian and see if you can teach a Sib to do your herding.


Anonymous said...

Ya you have a lot more snow than us, and I'm not even jealous....go figure.

Karen Ramstead said...

Good idea.

Lisa - I'm sure Newt would enjoy 'working' sheep. You have my permission to borrow him while I'm away.

BTW - when we were driving through Watson Lake, Yukon there were two big moose in the ditch walking through the snow. You couldn't even see their bellies!!!!

From Karen in Alaska

Jenny Glen said...

I didn't realize you posted this blog two days ago. I've been too busy here in Southern Alberta, outside working my dogs, to have the time to read your blog.