Saturday, January 24, 2009

More wildlife

Bruce doesn't bark much. He's an Australian Shepherd AND he doesn't bark much. Who'd have thought that was possible?

This morning I put him out (because I've been sappy all week and I forced him to stay in last night on the pretense that it was cold, but really it was just because I missed having a dog sleep by my bed) for a pee and soon heard him barking - really barking. So of course I took a peak outside the window and this is what I saw - well we saw because by then Travis was peaking too.

At the time she was over by the dog runs (the incredibly unused dog runs), nibbling on shrubs - completely oblivious to Brucie bouncing up and down like his tailess back end was on fire.

Eventually Brucie gave up on being an entirely ineffectual guard dog and she got on with doing what moose do best - eating and walking. At some point she wound up in the front yard and I took this picture of her.

See how it's almost dark? It's Saturday morning, it's almost dark, and I'm up - there's something wrong with that.

Barking crazy dogs didn't bother her one bit, but the flash on my puny camera sure did. She spun around on a dime and took off through the yard. Sorry Ms. Moosie - didn't mean to upset you - really, because you never want to upset a moose.

This is her upset, its kind of one of those "you had to be there" kind of shots because trust me, she's upset. (Also I lightened up the picture because it was a terrible shot, but I couldn't exactly explain to the moose that if she could just hold that position I could get a better picture). She took off to the back yard, thought about running at the fence towards Bruce who was back at it again, changed her mind and left. Oooh, the power of a little camera flash.

So, it's currently 9:15 and that's our excitement for the day so far. Kind of adds a little extra kick to the coffee.

Unrelated but worth mentioning. I'm heading out of Dodge for a few days. The boys and I are heading south for a visit with Louanne and Jenny and lessons with Scott Glen. My heart be still - 4 days of work with dogs and lessons with "The Man", plus some "girl time". It doesn't get much better than that. It definitely beats sitting up here staring at snow drifts.

I know you'll miss my daily ramblings, but rest assured there's got to be blog material in this trip and I'll share when I get back.

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