Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh Deer...

It's November, so Karen is busy getting ready to take her dogs up to Alaska. This year she has invited me along to help out on the trip. Never one to miss out on an adventure I've said "YES" of course.

This morning we were all set to take the dogs to the vet for check ups, shots, etc.. We got up bright an early, loaded 25 dogs into the truck and headed up the road to Westlock.

Not 5 minutes from home (1 KM to Perryvale to be exact), I saw a buck, head down, running straight at us out of the ditch. Without time to do anything, Karen did exactly the right thing - and didn't swerve - thank you Karen.

The deer hit the front right corner of the truck and did this:

All things considered, it was probably the best place to be hit given that the dog box was full. We managed to limp home.

We're supposed to leave for Alaska on December 10th. Hopefully this won't set us back too much.

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