Thursday, November 27, 2008

New faces on the farm

I mentioned that I have new sheep. Here are most of the new girls. There are 14, however a couple of them were too busy eating to pose for photos.

Louanne and I also headed over to my neighbour Don's field. This was my first chance to get out with the new stock trailer, sheep and dogs into a new field. Originally I was going to turn this into a blog of it's own, but given that I've already blogged three times today I figure it can just get attached to this one.

Don's field is great. It's nice and big (bigger than it looks as a matter of fact) and has some great hills to play on. All of the dogs worked well and we had so much fun we wound up going back again this morning for a little more fun before Louanne and her crew had to go.



Tomorrow I'm heading down south to have lunch with Tammy, work dogs with Louanne and visit with Scott and Jenny. Yep, this is pretty much a perfect week in my books.

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