Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Brucie's new friend

Louanne is here for a couple of days this week, picking up some new sheep. First off - congrats to Louanne on making it this far north. ;-) As for the sheep, they'll get their own blog.

Risky and Isla came along, and well frankly, Brucie thinks he has died and gone to heaven. He and Risk have been playing pretty much non stop.

" Love at first sight"

This would be the interactive portion of this blog. Blogger refuses to upload this picture correctly. I've tried a dozen different ways. So, simply pick up your laptop or monitor, turn it 90 degrees clockwise and enjoy the picture...

Now turn your monitor 90 degrees counter clockwise for the rest of the blog...

A picture of innocence.

More love.

Today on Sesame St. we're going to about "cooperation"

THANKS for letting me come to visit!!

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