Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tell's growing circle of friends

When Tell arrived we weren't set up to house him in the manner he was accustomed to - as in we still need to build him a dog house etc., and it will be much easier for me to convince Travis to do this come spring, when the snow isn't knee deep. So he's living in the house for the time being. Living in the house includes sharing space with the two resident cats, Buster and Antonio. The first time Tell saw Antonio he very sweetly walked up in the most polite manner and tried to introduce himself. Antonio promptly smacked him hard on the nose and let him know in no uncertain terms what HE thought of Border Collies. Tell, being the incredibly powerful working stock dog that he is, hightailed it out of there and spent a good chunk of the evening nursing his emotional wounds.
They eventually worked out a decent truce. As long as Tell steered clear of Antonio, the cat would leave him unharmed.
So, imagine my surprise today when I walked into the living room and found the two of the snuggled up together on the couch. Apparently Tell has won over Antonio with his charming personality. Either that or the cat has realized that a Border Collie is a good heat source.

Who can resist me?

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