Friday, February 8, 2008

The Snow ball effect

It all started with a herding clinic or “fun day”. I went to one and liked it…A LOT. I went to a few more. I quickly realized that taking my dog to sheep once a month was going to get me nowhere fast. Never mind I was spending enough money on gas getting to the sheep that I could have bought a cull ewe per trip.

This is how I started to justify getting sheep. Ask Travis and he’ll tell you that I am the queen of rationalizing anything…

I couldn’t just buy sheep though. I needed somewhere to put them. So I sold my left kidney on the black market and bought fencing, wood, electric net fencing, etc., etc.. I got a few sheep and figured I was set.

Thing is, if you only have a few sheep, they catch on about as fast as the dog and the next thing you know they’re “too broke”. This, plus the fact that now I’ve discovered that I really like sheep, means that I need to get some more. It’s why there are sheep manuals, sheep magazines and sheep brochures scattered from one end of the house to the other. It’s why I’m hunting around for bred ewes and learning about direct marketing. It’s why I’m already thinking about the fencing that will need to be done this year. It’s why there is a black and white dog with a tail at my feet and most likely another on the way.

There really should be a warning at the bottom of a “fun day” sign-up sheet. “Participating in this activity may lead to life altering obsession”

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