Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quality control

Today Travis and I spent the afternoon putting a gate in from the back yard to the lambing pen so I wouldn't have to walk the long way around in the dark. When I say "Travis and I", of course I mean Travis put the gate in....and I held on to stuff. 

As soon as we finished up and moved on to other projects, look who checked out our work?

The pack of "first timers", who apparently would rather check out our fencing techniques than hang out by the bales, chew cud, gossip and sun bathe. What do you think? Will it swing? How's the latch?

Thought I'd throw in a shot of Flint showing his desperate interest in live stock. Yep, he's a keener!

After we finished with the gate and a few other projects we moved on to setting up the "lambing barn", which in our case happens to be the red calf shelter...Now, given that I bought a 5 gallon pail of red barn paint last summer, let me assure you that the other shelter will also be sporting a shiny red coat as soon as things warm up enough and the ewes and lambs move out.

As soon as we finished that project up...which took a whole EXHAUSTING 10 minutes, we went in to the house to put on our PJ's and toast our all our hard work with a frosty beverage. 

As soon as we moved out, look who moved in...

Hope you approve!

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