Thursday, July 14, 2011

This the blog that never just goes on and on my friends.

Chapter One - The Weather.

Funny how you can go from "nothing to report" to "so much to tell you about" in a heart beat. Maybe it wasn't a single heart beat but this past week has been full of heart pounding adventures.

Trial season is now into full swing. Last Wednesday I packed up the dogs and took them south to Olds Alberta for the Wildrose Stock Dog Trial. Louanne and I spent Wednesday night grazing sheep in style...

with cocktails.

No worries though, 

we let the dogs do the driving.

With promises  of great weather and good times, Travis decided to join me and drove down on Thursday. 

Thursday night the weather changed....good times.

What do you do when you're told to batten down the hatches and take cover?

If you're camping you stand outside and have family portraits taken,

take a few landscape shots 

and collect souvenirs.

As an added bonus (not mentioned on the Wildrose entry form) we were all able to celebrate Christmas in July together,

AND have fun on the midway rides.

See Travis? Exactly as promised. Great weather and good times! I can't understand why more spouses don't come to stock dog trials...


Anonymous said...

I'll be sure to mention on the entry form next year to bring eggnog and Christmas lights, just in case :)

Nelda said...

Love the cloud picture....all of them great shots. And that hail...crazy.