Friday, July 15, 2011

Chapter Two - The field trial.

The Wild Rose Stock Dog Trial is a new trial hosted by Don Grant and Randy Dye. The trial runs on a nice big hill with a private camp ground behind for the handlers. 

Day one I decided to get as much bang for my buck by managing to get not one, but two reruns - one each with both Kate and Hope.

As luck would have it, in each case, hindsight being 20/20 and all, I'd have rather had the first set.  Having said that, Hope did give the crowd a good show holding on to his second set.  Too bad they don't give out points for heart. 

We were a little luckier day two.  We were running to a standard and Hope and I got called off at the pen after a good run. I was pleased with him. 

Kate also had a good run and finished the day in second, behind some guy named Scott Glen. I hear he's good. 

These pictures? All of Kate showing that she is more than a pretty face. All taken by Kristi Oikawa. I love them -  Thanks Kristi! 

A huge Thank You to Don, Randy, Jocelyn, and everyone else who made the Wild Rose trial a success this year. I really appreciate the amount of effort it took and am looking forward to next year's trial. 

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