Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Just grab your credit card and the dogs and start driving."

This excellent bit of advice from Louanne, led to a spur of the moment "weekend away", loads of fun and the opportunity to work dogs on four fields over four days. 

Day one we worked dogs at Louanne's. Day two we drove up to Beiseker and spent a fun day with Wendy Schmaltz. Day three we drove down to Scott and Jenny's, worked dogs and loaded up their sheep and guardian dogs for their spring break visit to Louanne's. Day 4 after a delicious breakfast prepared by Jerry, we drove over to the 2010 Canadian Finals field and day worked dogs with Doug and Judy Finseth.  

As usual, you'll note the lack of pictures. Thankfully, I did remember to drag the camera out yesterday.  This is the rough view we had to look at on this beautiful sunny, plus 20 degree day. 

After 4 days of solid work I'm happy to report that everyone - dogs and human - had a great time and the prospect of trial season starting in less than 3 weeks is far less daunting.  

Thanks for the great advice Louanne! 

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