Sunday, February 6, 2011

The wonders of Swedish technology

Incredible. You can fit an entire living room - couch, love seat, armchair and coffee table
into one of these. 

Nothing says "Canadian winter country living" like a filthy pickup

Let me point out just how geeky we are. There is a laptop and a keyboard on the coffee table and Travis has another laptop on his lap, while he checks out something on his iPod Touch. 

Amazing what you can build with a bit of Velcro and an Allan key! Of course we had to enjoy the FULL IKEA experience, which meant driving back the next day (a mere 5 hour round trip) to pick up these...

The missing parts. 

Now we actually have seating for company, and the animals have new perches. 

Hope would like to point out that he is NOT an Australian Shepherd, never mind what the blanket might say.
While Bruce would like to point that he IS.

As much as we're all enjoying the extra space, it seems that Bruce and Antonio actually ENJOY each other's company.

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