Saturday, February 19, 2011

17 hours of driving for blog material and nothing to show for it.

In what seems to have become and annual tradition, I got a bad case of February Cabin Fever. The only cure is a trip south to hang out with Louanne, Scott and Jenny to work dogs down in the tropics  where they have no snow. 

So I packed up the dogs and kissed Travis goodbye on Valentines Day - I'm such a romantic girl.  No chocolates or flowers needed for me, I'm more of a "gas money" kind of wife apparently. 

I stopped off at Randy's on the way down for coffee, and being desperate to work dogs went down to his arena for a bit. I put Ben on sheep but didn't take any pictures because I figured there would be plenty of opportunities for "glory shots" down at the Glen's. 

Louanne and I took off to New Dayton the next day and after another round of coffee, the southerners took pity on me and we went out and worked dogs. We worked dogs in a muddy field - BLISS! I didn't take any pictures because...I forgot. Not to worry because we were going to do more of the same the next day.  

The next day we woke up to weather as god awful as at home. Lots of cold, blowing snow - so we drank a bunch of coffee.  

I think I'm cursed. The weather chased us back to Louanne's and now that I'm back home it's freakin cold. 

I never did get any pictures of anything, so you'll just have to use your imagination and picture us all having a great visit in spite of the weather.  Hope and Kate both worked like dogs that haven't had any work for months, and Ben looked like a pup on sheep - in a good way. Now I just have to sit for another 6 weeks or so until I start lambing and there's something to do around here. 

In the meantime I guess I'll have another cup of coffee.

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