Friday, December 17, 2010

My how things can change in a day or two.

Gordon and I headed off an a road trip on Tuesday. He's been sold to Mish Katahdins in Saskatchewan and I agreed to meet them half way - which meant it was only an 8 or 9 hour drive each way for them. 

Gordon was none to happy about leaving his friends Skinny and Skinny's brother (not to mention the ladies), but between Hope, Kate, Travis, me and some hog panels we finally got him loaded up. 

Janette and Jeff Mish met me at Louanne's, driving a pick-up with a plywood box in the back.  I WISH I had taken pictures of them moving him over to their truck. Honestly, Louanne and I both figured it was a disaster waiting to happen - that the 6:00 Calgary news would feature word of a Katahdin ram running amok in Okotoks. The Mish's assured us that it would be a piece of cake to get him in the box, "We'll just lift him up", and while Louanne  and I watched, with our Jaws dragging on the ground, the two of them jumped in the trailer, picked him up and tossed all 250 pounds or so of him up into their box. It took less than a minute. Amazing. 

Afterwards I had a great time as usual hanging out with the girls (Jenny came over as well), drank too much wine, ate loads, laughed a lot - good times!

Eventually the party had to end and I drove home yesterday.Added a little excitement to my drive by shredding a tire just north of St. Albert and had to be rescued by my dad.

Got home to WAY more snow than when I left...

and more from the never ending "reno from hell". 

My "favourite" new windows - not even close to the right size and...the wrong colour. Feel free to drop me a line if you're looking for new windows and doors and want to know who to avoid...

Look for us on an episode of "Holmes on Homes" soon... ;-)


Kristi said...

Those windows are .... nice? Window FAIL!!!

What all are you renovating?

Lisa said...

Hey Kristi,

The latest reno is replacing all of the windows and doors in the place. Now we have fancy three paned things. We've added windows in the dark corners as well as a whole pile of colour.
Good news is, the owner has totally changed his tune this week and it should turn out well. Apparently he met his match when he ran into the "retired workaholic".