Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You know you're Canadian when...

the neighbours do  a "turn and burn"  in your driveway by way of dog team.

"Just need to use the loo - Thanks!"
And how do the sheep and our brave guardian dog react?

The sheep - and integral ingredient in any "lamb and rice" dog food, ran the length of the fence chasing the teams in, and then stood there talking smack. "Your mom sniffs cat nip!", "We've  seen poodles run faster!" 

Sam Sheepdog - bred to protect his charges from coyotes, bears, and worse? He pointed out that he was just 3 months old and that a heavily armed (heck they were hauling artillery!) unit of 32  wolves had just entered the property. So he did the wise thing, bolted for his shelter, and barked from in there. Stuff like "Sheep are idiots!" and " Gimme some lamb and rice dog food!". 

As soon everyone left,it was back to business as usual...


Anonymous said...

I followed your site from Karen's blog & really enjoyed the story & pics. I love the one with the Guardian & his sheep. He looks so cute & big might I add for only 3 months old! I will be following your blogs too from now on. Just love seeing the snow up there!
Sitka's Mom

Anonymous said...

Sam Sheepdog is wise beyond his years. or as the saying sometimes goes in my house "wise behind the ears."

i donno, he seems a lot smarter than his age! :)

D.K. Wall said...

Poor Sam. But we have met a couple of those North Wapiti dogs and they are quite fit.

Anonymous said...

Hello I have come in off another blog to do with LGD. Just wondering which "brand" Sam is? He has the higher pitched ears of my Maremma but does not look like one. Very different to my Pyrs.
Has the makings of great dog.
Liz (Aust)

Anonymous said...

Apologies I see he is Maremma the more pics I see. Then I found yr first note