Saturday, January 9, 2010

I AM a lame dog for once.

Last week I decided on a whim to go in for fairly major back surgery. I can definitely strike that, and "stay in an Alberta Hospital" off my bucket list. I don't want to repeat either experience.

Now I'm home and pretty much useless around here for a few months. Of course one of my first thoughts on getting home was "gotta update the blog", "can't let the blog sit idle - the readers depend on me", "meet the unofficial once a week minimum or Jenny and Louanne will take me off their "favourites" lists.

I was planning to blog about the usual stuff, dogs and sheep and cats and the other things in the neighbourhood that entertain me, but I wasn't hear all week to be entertained and at the moment my get out there and "find the story" abilities are rather limited.

So for the next little while expect lots of pictures of stuff like this:

lucky you - no graphic scar pictures or x-rays of my new bionic parts.

Nope, it could be a whole pile of shots like this.

6 more weeks of crate rest and leash walks for me until my next vet check - yep - readership is going to soar!


Emma Rose said...

Wow Lisa, I am sorry to hear about your back. I have been there - it is not fun. However, you must have needed it and will be glad you did it when you are on your feet again. Don't rush it and it will heal better.

As for blogging - we will all still be here. Just keep us posted on your recovery progress!

An English Shepherd said...

Yes sorry to hear about the Hospital stay.

But you will have loads of time to blog now ;-)

Get well soon :-)


Hillcrest Border Collies said...

I had my back surgery 3 years ago. I was in the hospital almost an entire week. What got me home is seeing the family and my DOGS.
The experience was not something I want to repeat, but once you get through all of that it is well worth it.
I was not supposed to lift anything more tan 5 pounds. The problem is that I had puppies waiting for me at home who were a little over 5 lbs. How do you resist holding puppies.
I hope you have a speedy recovery.

D.K. Wall said...

Back surgery 5 1/2 years ago, so I understand. Worst part for me was that they wanted me walking, but at a very limited 3 mph. No walking dogs, but on the treadmill everyday. The dogs loved to try and get on with me. So NOT helpful.

But I am so familiar with the eyes peering over the edge of the bed at me (in my case, a recliner - I was not allowed to lay flat).

prairiesoul said...

Glad to see they fixed your back but not your sense of humour.....Glad to see you back on the blog