Friday, January 29, 2010

Experiments with Hope

As you know, I've had a little extra free time on my hands lately. Rather than waste it, I've kept myself busy with productive work and education. I've always been interested in science and now I have the time to explore some ideas that have often kept me up at night.

Like, what can I get Hope to eat?

Hope is not an Australian Shepherd. Aussies will eat anything...without thinking. If I offered Bruce a rock he would have it swallowed before it even occured to him that it might not be food. Hope is a kibble eating kind of dog. A meat and potatoes, hold the potatoes kind of dog.
However, he's also a desperate to please kind of dog. I wanted to see just how far he would go to make me happy. Hence, the following series of experiments.

No animals were harmed (physically at least, I'm pretty certain that the Border Collie needs therapy now) in these experiments and the scientist was highly entertained for at least an hour - objective achieved!


He's all innocent and trusting here. Sweet.

The cranberry went down fairly quickly. Happily? Maybe not, but gone none the less.


Somewhat more careful this time.

Maybe if I hang on to it for a while it will improve with age.

5 minutes later, with a whole lot of pukey looking faces - mostly gone with a few crumbs left over for the rest of the family. Hope's a sharing kind of guy.


No need to send me emails telling the grapes are toxic when fed to dogs. It was one grape. Four days later and he's still running around so I think he survived the experience. Before grapes and raisins were pronounced toxic to dogs I happily fed them loads of them. Ignorance IS bliss.

I'm pretty sure I've heard through the grapevine that you're not supposed to feed us these things...

Loyalty did win out and eventually the grape disappeared. I haven't found it stuffed into a potted plant either.


Definitely the piece de resistance.

Are you KIDDING me??

Behold the power of a dog's jaws.

Failure. In the end he just couldn't do it. He gave it a good college try though.

Good boy Hopey! Looking forward to another couple of months cooped up in the house with me?


Jenny Glen said...

I'm with you, Hopey. Celery is yucky!

An English Shepherd said...

Thats impressive, Celery is not nice ;-)


michelle said...

you are hilarious Lisa!! I have tried many of the same experiments on my BCs and JRT. Lettuce (the crunchy part) is good, but cucumber slices--they all LOVE them : )
Grapes, same thing, I used to feed them, til I heard they were iffy...actually I think it's only the raisins that are bad...

Ruth said...

Hope obviously needs his palate expanded!

Maggie will jump in circles for a bit of celery.

OK, Maggie will jump in circles for anything even remotely edible. I am kind of afraid to do this experiment with any of my omnivores!