Monday, March 9, 2009

Central heating...sheep style

When it's cold in the morning - it certainly is this morning - and I look out the front window, I can see steam pouring out of the sheep shelter. I get a kick out of it because a. it's like a little chimney and b. it means my sheep haven't frozen to death. Cheery no?
Of course, I want you to share in my cold weather happiness - misery loves company - so I tried taking pictures from the house, but the steam didn't show.
Because I'm willing to do just about anything to get the story right, this morning I went out with the camera. To anyone driving by the house I may have looked like I was all decked out in Carhart, but underneath all that quilted goodness was a fine set of flannel pyjamas. Ah, country living!

This is what I got for my trouble.

One little head poking out around the corner, and almost no steam in the shot. It's there, trust me.

Of course that little head poking around the corner just had to tell her friends that there were dogs right outside their door. The little dog in the picture happens to be Kate, the untrained dog, so maybe the sheep were on to something. Anyway, look at the shelter and you can actually see some steam coming out - the whole point of this exercise. Oh, and Kate? She was thrilled to death that her presence alone was enough to make the sheep head for the hills - she feels mighty powerful today.

But really, if I'm up and out in my pj's, everyone should be up.

Perfect Hope all frosted up. I have to say, as much as there hasn't been much work for him around here lately, he sure came in handy yesterday. With all of the lovely weather we've had the sheep woke up yesterday and saw that their trails had drifted in. Being sheep, they trudged half way out to the round bales, decided it was hopeless (pun somewhat intended) and went back to their shelter to starve to death. Hope did a great job of convincing them to get out of their shelter and break trail. Last night in their infinite wisdom, the sheep decided that it would be much easier to stay out at the bale in minus 35 degree temperatures, than trudge back home to bed. Once again Hope showed them that really the snow wasn't too deep at all. Good boy Hope.

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An English Shepherd said...

Great pictures, it looks very cold :-)