Thursday, March 12, 2009

My grow op

The title of this blog should be a great way to see whether or not any government agencies read our blogs. If I get any visits I'll let you know. ;-)

Back in January I was whining about the state of produce, specifically lettuce in our local grocery stores. While I love living up here, being a foodie I do miss Edmonton's grocery stores. So, in a moment of inspiration I decided to do something about it. I was going to provide healthy produce for my family in the dead of winter!

No more digging through limp heads or soggy boxes of lettuce for us!

Tasty, nutritious, heck - practically organic food available for daily picking!

It's March now, are we sick of home grown lettuce? Not quite. My lettuce experiment has been somewhat successful in that the lettuce did indeed come up and it looks great. However, 2 months after I started it, it's about 3 inches tall. There's about one salad's worth so far. It should be a great size to transplant in the garden later this spring. Good thing there's still a grocery store nearby or we'd have died of scurvy by now if we really were dependant on my winter gardening skills.

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