Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blog tag

I guess cold weather and cabin fever lead to "blog games". Jenny tagged me and so of course I had to go digging. This is what I came up with. My pictures folder, 6th folder in, 6th photo in the folder:

I took this photo last March. It was one of the shots that didn't make it into the "Heatstroke!?" blog. Now here's the funny bit. When we went out on that walk, Travis spontaneously jumped into the snow backwards. It was really funny, BUT I didn't have the camera ready (the downside of spontaneouty). However, I knew this was definitely "blog material".
Once you begin writing a blog you start to catagorize a whole portion of your life as "blog material" or "not blog material" and you also discuss with other bloggers where to draw the "blogger line", as in "too much blogger information", or "perhaps my reader's sense of humour isn't quite as twisted as mine"...
Anyway, as I knew that this was great blog material, I asked Travis to do it again...and again....and again...until I had the shots just right. Each time he found a fresh patch of wet snow and threw himself in with abandon. That sure says something about a man. I THINK it says good things. ;-)

Oh, and North Wapiti - you're it.

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