Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Field trip

Some would probably say that I've gone about things a bit backwards. It certainly wouldn't be the first time. I got a border collie and sheep so that I could trial. This weekend I went to watch my very first field trial to see what it was all about...
Tell and I headed to the deep south (compared to Athabasca, Okotoks IS the deep south!) and spent a couple of days at Louanne Twa's. Louanne gave me some much appreciated help with Tell and I had a great time hanging out with her and her dogs. For his part, Tell seemed thrilled to death to be hanging out with Border Collies for a change - I guess they all speak with the same accent or something.

A meeting of minds.

This is Louanne and her Lowline cattle. Notice that they aren't much bigger than her sheep. Very cool - as is Louanne's striking pose for this picture!

On to the main event. I went to my first trial...and...I loved it. Phew! Imagine if I had decided it wasn't for me. Try explaining THAT to Travis...

Louanne and Isla bringing the sheep around the post.

So, now that I've been to my first trial I see that I don't have to be quite as hard on myself as I have been - even the experienced guys get their flanks mixed up occasionally, and that I have a LONG way to go - the double lift and international shed are CRAZY HARD. Something to shoot for.

Amanda Milliken and Clive at the pen.

Louanne's pup Risk learning how a sheepdog should behave.

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