Saturday, December 1, 2012

Put me in coach!

This could have been a whole other kind of blog. A Holy SH*T kind of blog. The dogs were hanging out with us while we were doing chores, which included putting fresh straw in the sheep shelter. Niether one of us was paying attention and the next I noticed, the dogs were headed through the open gate out to the pasture...heading straight for the sheep. Miraculously, Flint came when I called. Incredible. Apparently I CAN teach a dog to recall. 

Gyp on the other hand, did not. She kept on going - straight for the sheep. Huh. Eight months old and loose on 10 acres with 30 some sheep. It started out fairly chaotic, but by the time I got out there she had things fairly under control. I knew I  couldn't catch her, so I figured the easiest thing to do was to have her bring the sheep in and put them in the round pen.  

And so she did. 

And she surprised me by doing a really good job of it. 

If you look in the back ground you can see Flint having a fit and cursing himself for recalling - we'll see if he makes the same mistake next time!

Way to go Gyp. What a nice surprise - I'm kind of glad I left that gate open!

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