Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ben's big adventures

Ben and I are back from the trial circuit. What a week! Here are a few pics, poached from my friends, of our adventures. 

Ben on the fetch at the Wildrose Classic.

Ben putting them in the pen.

Me kissing Dexter after Ben won reserve nursery champion (21 nursery dogs). 

Chris set with Dexter for the entire weekend. We never waited for a set, and they were consistent for the entire trial. Great job! 

Ben WINNING the first go around at Calgary Stampede! 

Princess Power!

Louanne won the trailer AND Reserve World Stockdog Champion. 

Dale Montgomery 2012 World Stockdog Champion. I believe this is Dale's 8th Stampede win. We all think he would make a great judge next year... ;-) 

Celebrating afterwards - we laughed so much my stomach hurt the next morning.

And so ends Ben's adventures...for now. 

Thanks Kristi for the spectacular (as always) shots of Ben at Wildrose, as well as the video of his winning run - even though I told you not to. ;-) 


Kristi said...

You told me not to tell you that I was taping it. Quite different.

Lisa said...

You are quite right, and I am am appreciative. :-)

Lisa said...

Oh, and uhh...TURKEY LEG!!

Kristi said...

Hellz ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh that Ben is so handsome. What a great dog. Great job you two!