Friday, April 20, 2012

Good boy Sam.

I actually thought twice about blogging the following because I was afraid I might jinx myself. ;-)

Sam's young, and I can't say that it's all been "puppy dogs and unicorns" in regards to his training with sheep. He has moments of brilliance, and then there's the moments where I bang my head against the wall until I forget that I WANTED a guardian dog.

I moved him in with the ewes and lambs about a week and a half ago. It was only going to be for a bit while I could watch him closely, but he's really stepped up and so I left him there. 

While he sometimes thinks that ewe lambs are his playmates, he very much respects the ewes and their lambs. 

I took these pictures from the back of the house because as soon as I walk back to the pen the sheep are in, Sam runs to me for scratches - which makes "cute pictures with lambs" impossible. 

However, when I look out back, I often find him sleeping with the lambs or totally ignoring them during their "lamb races".

Good job Sam!

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Jenny Glen said...

such a mature looking dog now!