Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dumb Cluck.

I found one of these in the yard this morning. 

Hey, I'm just trying to blend in. 

She was sitting under a tree - cause that's what chickens do.

And everything was fine - nice fall day, sunny morning, entertaining non sheep eating wildlife in the yard - until she decided to fly away.

She took off in this direction. North. Please note that other than the house, which seems pretty obvious, there's really nothing in her way. Also please note that the house is about 250 feet away. Can you guess where this is heading?

That's right, she could have chosen "Wide Open Spaces" (in case you didn't catch it, that's a Dixie Chicks song. Get it? Dixie CHICKS. It's a chicken joke. I know, I spend too much time by myself.), but instead she flew into the fence (which among other things, is there to keep my dogs from roaming the yard eating dumb wild life) and wound up here.

Huh. How'd you find me again - what with all my stealth and camouflage and all.

She probably thought this was some fancy city single chicken coop. As in, "I have found myself some PRIME real estate here."

Ben used his strong working dog talents to help her out of her predicament, 

and then I convinced her to fly off in a new direction. "Go west young chicken" I said - because there's nothing but trees to the west, and that's what she did.


Jenny Glen said...

No! Go South! It's gonna get cold up there.

Louise Liebenberg said...

Mustbe early brain freeze... Our prairie chickens are not much smarter! We once had one that flew directly into one of the guardian dogs mouths and down its throat. The guardian dog had no clue what was happening...poor dog/chicken

An English Shepherd said...

They do blend in really well!