Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ausfest 2012

We couldn't have picked a better weekend for what is now officially an "Annual" event. 

The Aussies and Border Collies hung out.

The humans dined "al fresco" - although in this picture it looks a lot more like "drank outside".

Catherine brought out her "little" telescope for some late night planet viewing.

and the stars must have aligned because it was a perfect fire pit night. No wind, no rain, no mosquitoes.

The dogs worked the crowd.

caught some air

and had a great weekend in the country.


Kristi said...

Ausfest 2012? Have you managed to smash the time/space continuum???? OMG, you are a neutrino!

Lisa said...

I keep doing that (writing the wrong year when it comes to Ausfest, not time travelling - wouldn't that be the coolest though?) obviously because I'm so looking forward to next year!